No wonder what your present way of life is whether you live on Pizza, love to cook, simply prefer to order in, or simply go for reheating coffee, a microwave has become an indispensable part of our lives. Any present-day kitchen is partial without an oven.

Though defrosting and reheating are some of the collective uses, but some there are some microwaves that don’t even do that any very well. Go beyond defrosting, reheating and experiment a little more with your cooking skills.

At the same time, microwave ovens give us the prospect to do cooking like experts at home. With microwave, you can cook yourself the appetizing dishes in no time.

Presently, we’re living in the age of where there is a surplus of options accessible for given product in the market. We understand how overwhelming it’s to pick one for your home or office space. Here’s why we’ve come up with top-rated microwave oven review from Hamilton Beach.  A microwave oven is an impeccable option for you if you love to cook, stay single, time is a constraint, or only if cooking seems terrible for you.

Hamilton Beach 0.9 cu ft 900W Microwave, by Product Hamilton Beach  

Hamilton Beach Microwave ovens are impeccable for families that are busy and where you can heat up or defrost frozen food with this oven. It is powered by 900W microwave output power and encompasses 10 power levels so you can heat up a wide range of foods with the indispensable strength. The LED display is easy simple and easy to read with touch-pad lets you select between six quick-set buttons.

Hamilton Beach 0.9 cu ft 900W Microwave


  • 9 cu ft digital microwave
  • 900W microwave output power
  • It comes with 10 microwave power levels
  • It comes with special 6 quick set menu buttons
  • It is one-touch cooking features: popcorn, potato, reheat, frozen dinner, beverage, and pizza
  • 99’99” cooking timer
  • +30 Seconds full power express cook
  • It comes with a Child-safe lockout feature
  • It comes with a Digital clock
  • You can defrost by weight, Defrost by time
  • It is easy to read LED display
  • Red front, Black housing, and White painted cavity
  • The product comes with one year warranty
  • Dimensions: 19.1″L x 16″W x 11.5″H

Microwave oven features

Here the few of common terms used with microwave oven while online purchasing. To know the meaning of each microwave evocative words, you can refer below list.

  • Child lock

This smart feature is essential especially if you have children in your home, they may by coincidence put their hand in the oven. So these facets provide a child lockability.

  • Auto cook

In case you want to streamline the cooking, this choice will do the needful. All sorts of economic or low-end microwaves won’t have this feature. You don’t need to set time, and power configuration, all you have to do is to state the dish type, that’s it.

  • Power consumption

Apart from that, there is power setting, higher the voltage, it will be more effective and faster. If you like to cook heavy food items or bulk capacities for a large family, consider a more commanding oven.

  • Defrost

It is a microwave operation specific to heating the frozen food.  For instance, you want to heat the yesterday curry from the fridge this is the right option to use.

  • Preheat

Beforehand you start cooking and follow the ways the oven needs to reach a certain temperature. So you must turn on the microwave oven and wait for some time till it is hot or reached the requisite temperature. The above procedure is called as heating.

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